Patient & Care Giver Information

You and your loved ones want consistent, quality, continuity-of-care. Each day our experienced staff must consider medical conditions and behavioral issues to provide that care. It is well documented that the following conditions are the result of poor daily oral hygiene and missed appointments. There are a variety of ways that lack of proper oral care can affect overall health.
• Aspiration pneumonia is caused by oral debris being sucked into the lungs.
• Loose teeth can also end up in the lungs.
• Oral infections cause heart, diabetic and immune system problems.
• Painful abscessed teeth cause large-scale infection in the mouth and increase body infections.
• Oral pain causes anxiety and agitation, especially for those who cannot communicate. This includes those with dementia and strokes.
• Poor daily oral hygiene causes the above conditions.

This is the way to get care:

• Sign a permission form provided by your facility. This gives us approval to do an initial exam, diagnostic x-rays and cleaning.
• Our staff will conduct this initial assessment and create a treatment plan that will be sent to you for approval. No work will be done without your approval.
• After you approve the plan, you or your loved one will be scheduled for an appointment at our next visit.

• You also may be asked to sign for sedation approval (in cases of patient anxiety) or bisphosphonate risk acknowledgement.

It takes a partnership between Access Dental Care, you, and the facility to get the job done. Your watchful eye ensures that:
• Daily oral hygiene is done.
• Denture/Partial problems are addressed in a timely manner, and
• Pain and discomfort problems are recognized early.

We welcome responsible party participation during dental appointments. It is helpful to us when communicating with the patient and you get to see how hard we work to provide excellent care!

Have questions? We are always here to support your efforts! 336-626-7232