Legislative Meeting, 2009

Legislative Meeting, 2009


We learned a long time ago that we couldn’t do this work by ourselves. We have numerous state/national organizations and individual volunteers that create policy and support the publication of vital special care dentistry information.


We also spend time teaching everyone involved in the delivery and support of special care dental services. We:
• Train facility aides on how to better provide daily oral hygiene.
• Teach a variety of health professionals about the importance of oral health.
• Work with dental providers to enhance their skills when treating special care patients.

Dr. Milner and Betsy White take continuing education to another level. Using Ted Talk education techniques and a combination of visuals and direct participation, they guide their audience through the practical methods of practicing special care. Their treatment priorities are described in simple ways, giving you essential tips on how to better serve your patients. Large/small groups, one hour/full day lectures, they have done it all. The best part is they have over 20 years of stories to tell.

Continuing Education Available

Want Dr. Milner and/or Ms. White to educate your group on special care dentistry? They are available for one to six hour sessions at your next conference. Their programs are practical, interactive, outcome oriented events targeted to all health professionals. Call Ms. White at 336-626-7232 to arrange an event.

• http://www.scdaonline.org/
• http://saiddent.org/