Administrator Information

When Access Dental Care takes over care of your residents, we do it all. You will know that your residents are getting the finest dental services available, right down the hall from their rooms. Long-term care professionals understand how important oral health is to the overall health of your residents, so we are mission driven to provide:
• Routine visits to your facility based on your residents' need for care.
• 24/7 Emergency Care
• Billing and Scheduling
• Communication with your staff and the resident’s responsible party.

Your responsibilities? We need:

• A 20’ x 20’ space to set up our equipment. A sink should be in the room or nearby. Typical spaces include an activity room or lunch room.
• An ancillary liaison to have residents ready for us to treat and communicate with staff during the treatment day.
• A social worker who ensures that permission forms are signed and provides regular communication with our office.
• A director of nursing who monitors facility daily oral hygiene.

You want quality care for your residents? Access Dental Care “puts the mouth back into the body” for all your residents. When all residents have an assigned dentist, it reduces frustrations for your staff and responsible parties and ensures badly needed continuity of care.

Reducing the over-all health complications of your residents makes economic sense too. Don’t forget to remind your staff and corporate contacts that maintaining oral health prevents:
• Aspiration Pneumonia (causing repeated trips to the hospital)
• Diabetes Complications
• Heart Problems
• General Systemic Infections

Want more information on our program? Give us a call! 336-626-7232